EtherCAT P

EtherCAT P is an amendment of the physical layer of EtherCAT. I allows to provide 2 x 24V and EtherCAT communication on the same 4-wire cable.

This draft specification reflects the current state of the technology definition: it is ongoing work. Every effort is taken to advance the specification into a release version as quickly as possible. Thus the draft specification is not recommended as sole basis for product implementation. Instead, as of now EtherCAT P developers are encouraged to make use of application note documentation.

EtherCAT P products require a license, which is available free of charge from Beckhoff Automation. Please contact

You may not copy, distribute or “mirror” the files or printed versions of the documents, or any part of it, without permission in writing from the ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group).

  描述 语言 类别 日期 大小 版本 状态
仅供会员members-yes ETG.1030 EtherCAT P EN DOC 2017年2月9日 1.0.0 Release 
仅供会员members-yes ETG.1030 EtherCAT P Specification EN  PDF  2017年3月10日  1,18 MB 1.0.0  Release 
仅供会员members-yes ETG.1030.1 EtherCAT P Connector Specification EN  PDF  2017年3月9日  2,54 MB 1.0.0  Release 
仅供会员members-yes ETG.1000.2P EtherCAT Specification - Part 2P EN  PDF  2017年3月10日  0,57 MB 1.0.0  Release 
仅供会员members-yes ETG.2000 EtherCAT Slave Information (ESI) Specification incl. EtherCAT P EN  PDF  2019年9月26日  3,84 MB 1.0.11  Release 
members-no ETG.2200 EtherCAT and EtherCAT P Slave Implementation Guide EN  PDF  2018年11月16日  4,55 MB 3.1.0  Release 
members-no ETG.7010 EtherCAT Conformance Guide EN  PDF  2018年1月17日  0,42 MB 1.2.1  Release 
仅供会员members-yes EtherCAT P Logo (Set) EN  ZIP  2019年9月2日  1,85 MB    
仅供会员members-yes Application Note: EtherCAT P Implementation Guide EN  PDF  2021年9月7日  0,63 MB 1.1.15  Release 
members-no EtherCAT Slave Information (ESI) Schema EN ZIP 2021年9月6日 1.16 Release 
仅供会员members-yes EtherCAT P Conformance Test Bundle: ETG.7000.1030, ETG.7000.1000.2P, TF-1301 EN ZIP 2017年6月19日 0,71 MB 0.9.9 Draft for Review 
仅供会员members-yes ETG Technical Committee (TC) Meeting Proceedings - Fall 2016 EN ZIP 2016年9月28日 6,27 MB