Yaskawa Electric

Since the founding in 1915, Yaskawa Electric Corporation has always provided support for the key industries of the times. Started from motors, then factory automation, and now mechatronics, its history runs in parallel with the modernization of industry. Further strengthening its core businesses of servomotors, controllers, inverters and industrial robots, Yaskawa will commit itself to contributing to the development of society by providing new solutions that utilize to the maximum the strength of its core technologies.

Yaskawa America

Established in 1915, Yaskawa is the world's largest manufacturer of servos, variable frequency drives, machine controllers, and robots for high-performance solutions ranging from simple to the most complex of motion control. Yaskawa's long-term stability and worldwide global support validates the company as the global leader in technology and factory automation products.

Yaskawa Controls

Yaskawa Controls was established in 1967 and has played a part in fulfilling that role as a group company of Yaskawa Electric. Electric power applications, the promotion of mechatronics and FA have enabled us to contribute to the development of society with technology and products that match the needs of the times. These days, with the move to high tech and globalization progressing one step further, the relationship between technology and humans as well as the environment is again coming into question. Yaskawa Controls will continue to maintain a good relationship with the social environment and work even harder to continue to satisfy market needs and provide customers with solutions.

Yaskawa Europe

Yaskawa Europe is a leading manufacturer of servo motors, amplifiers, inverters and machine controllers for the automation and drive industries providing tailor made solutions as well as standard products. As a company founded on the concept of quality Yaskawa was allowed to remain at the forefront of motion control technologies for over 90 years. Yaskawa's many technical inventions and substantial experience have helped to drive the automation of industries such as mining, steel machine tools, automative, packaging and semiconductors in all major markets.