2014 Korean EtherCAT Plug Fest

Data: 15.09.2014 - 16.09.2014
Città, Paese: Seoul, Korea
Luogo: Seoul National University
Tipo: Plug Fest
Ulteriori informazioni:

The chairman of the ETG Technical Committee, Dr. Guido Beckmann, invites and encourages all vendors of EtherCAT master systems, slave devices, codes and tools to participate in the 2014 Korean EtherCAT Plug Fest taking place September 15-16 in Seoul, Korea, at facilities provided by Seoul National University.
The goal of this developer’s event is to perform interoperability tests. Master and slave device suppliers gather to test and improve interoperability, to share implementation tips and tricks and clarify questions regarding the technology—experts of the technology from Germany will support with their know-how.
Please kindly note that there will be a Safety over EtherCAT Seminar on September 17, taking place at ETG Office Korea, conveniently located at Tri‐TEK Corporation in Seoul.