Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH is one of the leading suppliers for industrial communication products. Hilscher has experience in all kinds of communication protocols used in the industry - and is commited to standards.

Hilscher France

Hilscher France is a subsidiary of the Hilscher Group which is one of the leading suppliers on the market concerning industrial communication products. Hilscher has experience in all kinds of communication protocols used in the industry, also the French subsidiary has an expertise in the software developments around the netX Technology.

Hilscher Italia

Hilscher Italia S.r.l. is the Italian official subsidiary of the worldwide Hilscher group. The core business is based on the communication technologies supply. Every hardware and software is completely designed by Hilscher to allow the easiest and fastest integration and usability. Every Hilscher product is based on netX platform which is able to provide the most used communication protocols on the same hardware design. Product catalogue includes communication stacks, asics, embedded modules, PC cards, gateways, network analyzers and many more. The Italian subsidiary, focused in sales and support activities, is able to take care of every needs like trainings, tests and development as well.

Hilscher Korea

Hilscher Korea Inc. is a subsidiary of Hilscher GmbH in Germany. The company provides a variety of products based on industrial Fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet protocols. All devices are manufactured at Hilscher Headquarter in Germany and the Korean subsidiary is in charge of sales and technical support in Korea. Hilscher has lots of references in the field of semiconductor and LCD equipment, Robot system, PLC and DCS, Ship control system and Power plant and so on.

Hilscher North America

Hilscher North America, Inc. is a leading provider of connectivity solutions for Industrial Networks including EtherCAT Master and Slave. Products include multiple chips level solutions, embedded modules, PC cards and Gateways. The core technology is its own chip that supports over a dozen different networks. These products have a common driver interface to the host and integrated network ASIC functions, only the connector and isolation parts need to be changed on the network side. This technology also has integrated I/O thus providing System on Chip capability for many industrial products.