NEC Platforms

Concentrating on improving social infrastructure through its solutions for society, the NEC Group aims to find solutions for a wide range of social issues and realize a sustainable society by leveraging the ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) that the company has long been cultivating. NEC Platforms provides platforms for social and business solutions, as a manufacturing organization. NEC has an extensive portfolio of IT and network equipment, core technologies, and manufacturing technologies, and provides solution creation expertise honed over many years in the industry. NEC products are available in more than 100 countries around the world. The global supply chain enables NEC Platforms to guarantee delivery of its products and solutions where and when they are needed. Through their business offices and sales networks in Japan, NEC offers service and supports that quickly responds to customer needs. NEC is determined to pursue "The Best Products and the Best QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery)" in the global environment, responding to the expectations and trust of the customers and society.