EtherCAT G wins CMCD 2019 New Age Bus Technology Innovation Award

In December 2019, the 2020 Intelligent Manufacturing & China Motion Control / Direct Drive Industry Development Summit Forum and Award Ceremony was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, organized by the China Transmission Network and the China Motion Control Industry Alliance. EtherCAT G, which has been widely recognized by the industry for its innovation in motion control, won the CMCD 2019 New Age Bus Technology Innovation Award at the event.

EtherCAT technology has long enjoyed an excellent reputation for its high performance, flexibility, low connection costs and simple implementation. The unique functional principle of EtherCAT, namely processing of data in a continuous flow, makes the technology the tool of choice for engineers. As an extension of the basic EtherCAT technology, EtherCAT G was introduced in April 2019, which now also raises EtherCAT to gigabit level, making the technology even more attractive, particularly for demanding motion applications.

With EtherCAT as the fastest Industrial Ethernet fieldbus available today, the extension with the gigabit component is particularly suitable for applications with large data volumes such as industrial image processing, high-end measurement and inspection technology or complex motion control applications. In addition, EtherCAT G uses the same transmission mechanism as EtherCAT, is fully compatible and has all the features of the basic protocol.

Beryl Fan, representative of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) in China, who attended the award ceremony, gladly accepted the award. Beryl Fan: “In the past, EtherCAT technology has become the mainstream communication protocol and industry standard in the field of motion control. As an extension of the standard EtherCAT technology, EtherCAT G represents a new breakthrough. With the introduction of EtherCAT G into the ETG, the scope of the technology’s performance will be further expanded, the new requirements for the modernization of domestic production will be met and future challenges are well prepared.”


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Beryl Fan gladly accepted the CMCD 2019 New Age Bus Technology Innovation Award on behalf of the EtherCAT technology group.



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