EtherCAT Technology Group returns to SPS 2021 in Nuremberg

After SPS in Nuremberg had to take a break last year due to the pandemic, the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) is even more pleased to be back at the event in 2021 with its own booth.

SPS, one of the largest and best known automation trade fairs in the world, is back. As in previous years, the ETG will again rely on the proven ETG joint booth concept, where the organization will present new and existing EtherCAT devices and solutions together with many of its members.

About 50 co-exhibitors will show more than 500 different EtherCAT products at the ETG booth. In addition, ETG will show EtherCAT live demos and updates on topics such as the vendor-independent diagnostic interface, EtherCAT G/G10, EtherCAT and TSN, EtherCAT P as well as Safety over EtherCAT.

The joint booth of the EtherCAT Technology Group can be found in Hall 5, booth number 310 at SPS.


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ETG booth at SPS 2019: After a one-year break, ETG will exhibit again with a joint booth in Nuremberg in 2021.


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