North American EtherCAT Plug Fest offers ‘great opportunity’ to participants

The 2019 North American EtherCAT Plug Fest from the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) recently took place in Denver, USA. Numerous well-known manufacturers of EtherCAT devices came together over two days to test the interoperability of their products in one network with devices from other manufacturers and to exchange ideas with the EtherCAT experts on site.

Numerous ETG member companies met for the 2019 North American EtherCAT Plug Fest, which was hosted in Denver, Colorado by Beckhoff Automation. With more than 35 participants, the event was a great success. In addition to the highly productive learning environment, the participants particularly liked the fact that they were able to meet so many high-ranking manufacturers of EtherCAT devices.

The participants tested a total of seven controllers from different manufacturers and 16 EtherCAT field devices, and three different tools were also used. In addition to extensive interoperability tests, many discussions took place with the EtherCAT experts in attendance. The opportunity to exchange technical ideas during the development phase is one of the major benefits of EtherCAT Plug Fests.

“The 2019 North American EtherCAT Plug Fest was very productive and successful for everyone involved,” says Robert Trask, P.E., North American Representative for ETG. “The ETG was glad to welcome many new Plug Fest participants as well as those who have attended multiple events.”

One of the participants adds: "It was my first time at an EtherCAT Plug Fest in North America. Everything was very well organized and I'm impressed that so many well-known ETG members were there." And another adds: "The Plug Fest was a great opportunity to test the interoperability of numerous field devices all at once. Although we have been using the same EtherCAT controller for many years, there’s always something new to learn."

EtherCAT Plug Fests take place several times a year all over the world. All information about dates and participation can be found online at


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Participants at the 2019 North American EtherCAT Plug Fest in Denver, USA, saw the event as a great opportunity to test the interoperability of their EtherCAT devices.


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