EtherCAT Technology Group welcomes Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC as member number 6,000

The latest membership milestone in the growth of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) shows that EtherCAT technology is successfully defying the current global crisis: The American sensor manufacturer Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC recently became member number 6,000 of the world's largest fieldbus user organization.

Special situations require special measures, and so the official ETG member certificate honoring Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC was not handed over in person in a festive setting as usual, but virtually during a transatlantic conference call.

This did not, however, detract from the achievement on both sides. Aravind Seshadri, president and co-founder of Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC, explains: "As a spin-off of Oklahoma State University (OSU), our focus is on research and development. Our goal is to create simple solutions for even the most complex challenges." And Martin Rostan, ETG's Executive Director, adds: "This approach fits perfectly with EtherCAT as a technology that has been so successful worldwide, not least because of its ease of use."

Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC will use EtherCAT primarily for the development of its sensor products and has a strong partner in ETG to further advance the company's philosophy of providing access to sensor technology for everyone.

In addition to comprehensive support and technologically relevant background material, ETG members also have the opportunity to expand their marketing activities for their products with the organization’s help. A list of all members as well as all information on joining the EtherCAT Technology Group can be found online at


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Official honor during a virtual ceremony: Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC is EtherCAT Technology Group member number 6,000 (from left: Martin Rostan, Executive Director ETG, Aravind Sehsadri, President and Co-founder Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC).



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