Digital Servo Adaptor-B

For machine builder:

  • Selectable from a wide variety of EtherNet based fieldbus interfaces such as EtherCAT
  • Simple integration of FANUC Servo drives and motors while maintaining control programs for presses and injection molding machines that use large servos
  • Applicable to customers with limited power supply capacity by applying the energy charge unit
  • The application of a low-speed, high-torque, ultra-large servo motor eliminates the need for a reduction gear and allows for simple machine design

For machine user:

  • When retrofitting a machine, reliable FANUC Servo can be easily integrated
  • Large hydraulic equipment such as hydraulic cylinders can be easily converted to servos
  • By reducing power supply equipment capacity machine installation and operation costs can be reduced and machine is able to be used without power limitation


Digital Servo Adaptor-B


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