EtherCAT Implementation Support Workshop


July 14-15, 2011 | Beijing, China
Beckhoff Office


Content of the Workshop (subject to modifications):

  • Master, Test the Master with Wireshark and ET2000
    • The Network Configuration
    • Initialization of Communication
    • Distribute Clock
    • Process Data Communication
    • Mailbox Data Communication
  • Slave, Test the Slave with TwinCAT
    • ENI File
    • Initialization of the Slave
    • Slave Mailbox Communication
    • Slave Process Data Communication
  • Conformance Test of Slave
    • Method for the Test
    • Content for the Test

The Implementation Support Workshop is available in Chinese language, so members located in mainland China, Taiwan area or even Singapore are invited for this event. Participation is free of charge.


  • ETG Membership
  • Information about your EtherCAT implementation
  • Bring your EtherCAT product to the workshop


Please register by sending an email with your contact information and EtherCAT implementation description to ETG Office China ( directly.