Temposonics® R-Series EtherCAT Position Sensor

Absolute, Non-Contact Position Sensors

Extreme demands require extraordinary solutions. MTS Sensors responds to this with an extensive range of measuring stroke options, simultaneous measurement of multiple magnets, smart electronic designs with built-in diagnostics and innovative housing concepts. The Temposonics® magnetostrictive technology is maximized with powerful electronics and double-shielded construction that assures immunity against interference. The robust designs guarantee maximum reliability, high-precision position measurements and long-term operation in the harshest environments.

The R-Series EtherCAT sensors are designed for fastest rates of data transmission and communication in industrial settings where high-speed is necessary for complete factory automation systems that require a networked solution:

  • Rugged industrial sensor
  • Linear and absolute measurement
  • LEDs for sensor diagnostics
  • Non-contact sensing with highest durability
  • Superior accuracy: Linearity better 0.01 % F. S.
  • Resolution 1 μm
  • Repeatability 0.001 % F.S.
  • Direct EtherCAT output
  • Position + velocity with 5 magnets
  • Positions with up to 20 magnets


Temposonics® R-Series EtherCAT Position Sensor


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