PC-Control: IMA Klessmann:系统转换为 EtherCAT控制封边机

Most manufacturers associate a change in technology with an expectation of significant cost savings and performance increases. Hesitation regarding implementation is often based on doubts relating to unpredictable expenses or fears of almost unsolvable engineering tasks. The conversion of an edge banding machine from the Lightbus communication system to Ethernet-based EtherCAT at IMA Klessmann demonstrated that such doubts are unfounded, at least when it comes to EtherCAT. A smooth change-over – including the integrated system bus planned in detail – opened up a straightforward path into the new Ethernet world.
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members-no PC-Control: IMA Klessmann:系统转换为 EtherCAT控制封边机 DE PDF 2005年8月10日  
members-no PC-Control: IMA Klessmann:系统转换为 EtherCAT控制封边机 CN  PDF  2005年8月10日  1,84 MB    
members-no PC-Control: Systemumstellung bei IMA auf EtherCAT bei Kantenbearbeitungsmaschine DE  PDF  2005年7月20日  0,88 MB    
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