PC-Control: “Breaking the Surface”: Servo terminals move virtual ocean

EtherCAT synchronizes 529 axes to automate kinetic art installation

Norwegian oil company Lundin Norway envisioned something rather unique to mark the 10th anniversary of the company. Lundin caused quite a stir when they presented their kinetic art installation at the ONS Energy Convention, the world’s largest offshore energy trade show, which took place in August 2014 in Stavanger, Norway. Visitors flocked to the Lundin trade show booth and HRH Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon from Norway, who visited the oil extraction company during his opening tour of the trade show, was visibly impressed by the presentation. 529 plexiglas tubes are moved continuously together in such a way that they simulate ocean waves, and at the same time symbolize the constant search for oil under water on the Norwegian continental shelf. In addition, visitors have the ability to interact with the installation. It is a markedly complex and sophisticated project, both artistically and mechanically, as well as in terms of the control technology. The project involved intensive cooperation between designers, architects, safety experts, and machine manufacturers, with Beckhoff as the control system supplier contributing to the success of this engineering marvel. 

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