PC-Control: 柏丽厨房:EtherCAT 在机械设备上的应用

In order to offer a fully-coordinated and complete range of kitchen cabinets and furniture, a high degree of quality and precision is required during the processing of individual furniture components. A prerequisite for achieving this is deep and interlinked technological know-how for successful machine construction and system automation, as exemplified in the long-standing relationship between Hüttenhölscher Maschinenbau GmbH and Beckhoff.

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members-no PC-Control: High-speed data flow in furniture production EN  PDF  2005年11月1日  0,49 MB    
members-no PC-Control: High-Speed-Datenfluss bei Möbelproduktion DE  PDF  2005年11月1日  0,49 MB    
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