PC-Control: DeltaBot: 基于 PC 的拾放机器人

Much like the historical progression of computer technology, more cost-effective robot technology is steadily advancing into areas that were previously too cost-sensitive to apply it. Food manufacturing, packaging and warehousing are prime areas to experience the next wave of robotics with high-performance, low cost robots entering the marketplace from leading suppliers such as AEMK Systems. In order to boost control performance while reducing cost, AEMK’s DeltaBot line has been recently upgraded with a control system from Beckhoff.

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members-no PC-Control: DeltaBot: 基于 PC 的拾放机器人 DE PDF 2009年7月1日  
members-no PC-Control: DeltaBot – PC-based pick-and-place robot EN  PDF  2009年7月1日  0,43 MB    
members-no PC-Control: DeltaBot: PC-basierter Pick-and-place-Roboter DE  PDF  2009年7月1日  0,44 MB    
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