IO-Link Master - CabinetLine AL1930

IO-Link master for the automation and IT world

The IO-Link master modules for the control cabinet serve as a gateway between intelligent IO-Link sensors and the field bus EtherCAT. Besides, important information of the intelligent sensors can simultaneously be sent into the IT world. With a separate IoT Ethernet socket the IT network can be set up completely separated from the automation network. Sensor information is transferred into the IT world via the established TCP/IP JSON or MQTT interface.


AL1930: IO-Link Master 8 Port - IP20

Easy sensor connection

The sensors and actuators are connected via standard M12 connection cables without screening. Up to 8 IO-Link sensors can be connected and supplied with up to 3.6 A. The cable can be up to 20 m long.

Sensor configuration with moneo|configure

The intuitive software finds all IO-Link masters in the network and creates an overview of the whole plant. In addition, all connected sensors are displayed with the respective parameters. This makes it possible to set the parameters of all sensors in the system from one central point.

Separation between automation and IT network

Machine uptime is of highest priority. The automation network must by no means be interrupted by external factors. Therefore the unit features a separate IoT Ethernet socket separating IT and automation network. This means that important sensor information can be safely sent to the IT and ERP system.




IO-Link Master - CabinetLine AL1930


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