ETG.7200 EtherCAT Plug Fest Guideline

The ETG.7200 EtherCAT Plug Fest Guideline contains important notes about the tests performed at an official EtherCAT Plug Fest.

To achieve the goals of the Plug Fest the test organisation is described in the following Annex.

  • Annex A: Master-Slave Tests: Every available slave is connected and operated on every available master
  • Annex B: Protocol Test with CTT
  • Annex C: Single Slave Test
  • Annex D: Interoperability Test
  • Annex E: Master Classes Check List

You may not copy, distribute or “mirror” the files or printed version of the documents, or any part of it, for any other purpose without permission in writing from the ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group).

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