This reference design presents an example distributed or decentralized multi-axis servo drive over Fast Serial Interface (FSI) using C2000™ real-time controllers. Multi-axis servo drives are used in many applications such as factory automation and robots. The cost per axis, performance and ease of use are always high concerns for such systems. FSI is a cost-optimized and reliable high speed communication interface with low jitter that can daisy-chain multiple C2000 microcontrollers. In this design, each TMS320F280049 or TMS320F280025 real-time controller serves as a real-time controller for a distributed axis, running motor current control loop. A single TMS320F28388D runs position and speed control loops for all axes. The same F2838x also executes a centralized motor control axis plus EtherCAT communication, leveraging its multiple cores. The design uses our existing EVM kits, the software is released within C2000WARE MotorControl SDK.


  • Demonstrates high-speed communication using fast serial interface (FSI) with skew compensation enabled for real-time speed, position and current command data communication between multiple products.
  • Implements position and velocity control loops on the F2838x, torque/current loop on each decentralized F28004x or F28002x node. Up to 16 axes can be managed with one F2838x.
  • Start and stop of each axis can be controlled simultaneously. Achieves high bandwidth and higher precision control of distributed multi-axis motor drive system.
  • Uses F2838x multi-core functionality to implement speed and position control and data exchange with all distributed nodes over FSI, and executes main axis motor control and EtherCAT communication with PC.
  • Demonstration of PWM sync capability across distributed axes.
  • Integrated SFRA tool to support online speed and current loop tuning.
  • Incremental system builds to verify the different software modules step by step.




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