WMX2 EtherCAT Soft Motion Controller with Windows Class Library

A versatile high-end general motion controller, able to simultaneously control up to 64 axes and 64-channels with advanced control functions. WMX2 can run as an EtherCAT master on PC with a LAN port, no specialized interface board is needed.

WMX2 includes the original EtherCAT Master stack with full EtherCAT functionalities including DC Sync and HotConnect, and Windows' real-time extension tool allowing real-time motion control with synchronous communication cycle as fast as 0.25ms.

Develop original high-performance motion controller with WMX2 Windows Class Library supporting up to 256 threads and over 500 API functions, including EtherCAT network management API. New advanced motion profiles enable developers to program complex, sensitive motions for difficult situations that require extreme precisions.

  • Sync control (Master-Slave) maximum of 32 pairs
  • Major EtherCAT functions: CoE, FoE, DC Sync, Line/Star/Ring Topologies, HotConnect, EtherCAT Network Management API
  • Motion Profiles: Trapezoidal, S-Curve and Jerk-Limited, Sinusoidal, Parabolic, Advanced S and Trapezoidal Moving Average Time, User Specified profile
  • Motion functions include, Jog, repositioning, PTP, list motion, Start API buffer functions. Override functions able to change PTP, PTP/DVC, Profile parameter during motion
  • New Functions: Path Interpolation, API Buffer Time Simulation, Soft Landing
  • Supported Command Methods: Position/Velocity/Torque (Transparent mode available for Torque, Velocity)
  • Event-based I/O and motion control. Ideal for SMT applications
  • Pitch error compensation, Backlash compensation, Straightness compensation
  • Visual Studio 2008 or later (C/C++) and Microsoft.NET framework 4.5 or later

WMX2 comes with Network Configurator 2, an all-in-one EtherCAT network management tool. All the necessary settings, configuration, checking the slave status and even error diagnosis can be done within this one tool. All functions available as API for developers.


WMX2 EtherCAT Soft Motion Controller with Windows Class Library


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