ServoWorks CNC Control Software

ServoWorks CNC products for EtherCAT are based on a unique and proprietary PC-based, all-software motion control technology that uses a single host CPU to perform all real-time servo and CNC/motion control algorithms, including feedback loops, interpolations, G code processing and PLC, as well as providing the graphical user interface, and network communications in Windows. ServoWorks CNC controllers run on Windows 2000, XP, and XPe, with a real-time kernel.

The ServoWorks CNC product line includes:

  • ServoWorks MC-Quad for 4-axis general CNC applications, for machines requiring CNC features but not requiring spindle functions. Can be used for welding machines, milling machines and laser cutting machines, and can be customized for bending, punching, forming, measuring and EDM
  • ServoWorks S-100M, S-120M and S-140M for mills and machining centers. Can be used for three-, four-, or five-axis mills and machining centers; laser, plasma and waterjet cutting machines; EDM machines; grinding and shearing machines, etc. ServoWorks S-120M and S-140M include additional PLC axes and synchronous control (master-slave) axes.
  • ServoWorks S-100T for lathes that provides a 3-axis motion control with a spindle including a C axis.

The main features of ServoWorks CNC software include:

  • Control of 7 axes plus a spindle: 5 coordinated CNC axes and two axes that can be used for PLC axes or for synchronous (master-slave) control
  • Advanced milling and cutting functions including dynamic look-ahead contour control, jerk control, tool center point control, gantry-axis control, back tracing, block search, and so on
  • Compatibility with industry-standard G/M/T/S codes
  • An industry-standard PLC (ladder logic program)
  • Easy-to-use graphic user interface (Windows)
  • SDK (software development kit) with APIs to customize or develop an original CNC application


ServoWorks CNC Control Software


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