EtherCAT Slave Development Kit ECAT-DEV-KIT

ECAT-DEV-KIT from Soft Servo Systems, Inc. is a complete development kit for EtherCAT slave devices. The main component of the kit is ECAT-DEV-SH2A, a versatile development board with SH-2A core CPU from Renesas Electronics. The CPU is powerful and functional enough to make this board an ideal choice for the development engineers of EtherCAT slaves such as servo drives and intelligent I/O devices. The kit comes with ready-to-use source code for servo drive devices and DebugCAT, a useful Windows master application for debugging and operating EtherCAT devices.

The main features of the board ECAT-DEV-SH2A include:

  • Slave ASIC: BECKHOFF Automation ET1100 (MII x 2 ports) 
  • PDI: Selectable between 16-bit bus and SPI 
  • Renesas Electronics SH7286 (SH-2A core, 100MHz) including 1MB ROM, 32KB RAM, 12ch A/D and 2ch D/A converters, 4ch Serial, and USB, and additional 512KB SRAM  on board
  • Stackable on Universal Board (2.54mm pitch)
  • LEDs and Switches for Testings 
  • Compact size (95mm x 130mm)

The kit (ECAT-DEV-KIT) with the above board includes CoE sample source code and DebugCAT. The details are following:

CoE (CAN application protocol over EtherCAT) Slave Sample Source Code

  • Digital I/O
  • CoE 402 Servo Profile (Simulation)

DebugCAT, Windows master application for debugging, testing and operating of the slave devices

  • Reading and writing registers and process data on EtherCAT slave controller
  • Easy to test SyncManager and FMMU
  • Supporting various mailbox communications such as CoE and FoE 
  • Reading and writing SII (Slave Information Interface)
  • Testing DC (Distributed Clocks)
  • Controlling servo drive devices by jog operation
  • Users can write and execute a series of EtherCAT commands as a batch command

Note: Product sold only through Japan Office.


EtherCAT Slave Development Kit ECAT-DEV-KIT


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