RMX Robot Motion Controller

Industrial Multi-Robot Controller

Simultaneously control multiple instances of robots and up to 8 additional axes with a single commercially available PC. It comes in set with EtherCAT Master and Real-Time OS, just simply install RMX and you can control your own robot with real-time precision.

Supported Robots:

  • Articulated Robot (Up to 7 axes. Supports Open Link and Link Offset)
  • SCARA Robot
  • Delta Robot
  • Land-Based Mobile Robot

Main Functions:

  • Simultaneous multi-robot control. Together with additional axes, control up to max of 64 axes (at 1 ms cycle)
  • Interpolate up to 8 additional axes per robot. Supports tracking and other advanced operations.
  • Supports kinematics and inverse kinematics for various types of mechanisms.
  • Freely describe even the complicated of robot movements with our original Robot Language. Supports Camera and I/O.
  • Customize GUI and link with external applications using RMX's Robot Control API
  • Low Cost, Minimal space achieved with soft motion technology.


RMX Robot Motion Controller


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