OPENcontrol is the hardware and software platform of the new generation of OSAI products for Automation by Prima Electro. It is a modular set of hardware and software basic elements, or “building blocks”, which can be combined as a function of each application requirement. This design choice makes it possible to upgrade the functionalities (software) without having to change the architecture of the system, and to add new functions on the fly in a incremental way.

The wide availability of several digital fieldbuses extends the OPENcontrol flexibility allowing the management of many devices. Among the available protocols, EtherCAT and various others, allow connection to a wide variety of peripherals whether they are servo-drives, I/O modules or special devices.

Particularly flexible element of the OPENcontrol family, OPEN-XS is a modular system that offers both a solution for the control of servo-drives and I/O modules distributed on a digital fieldbus and also for  controlling analog axes and integrated I/O.

The real-time control unit is based on a PC platform and is equipped with an axis control board that supports EtherCAT and CANopen protocols.It uses an ATOM N270 1.6 GHz CPU and is a complete entry-level system for the management of servo drives and I/O controlled through a digital fieldbus. Can be supplied in the black-box configuration or integrated with the TFT 15" or distributed.

Bridge OPEN-XS

The 4 axes slave module (A432), connected to the real-time unit via EtherCAT bus is an integrated solution that offers a wide set of local I/O and the electronics for controlling axes driven with an analog signal. Linked to this module, OPEN-XS is transformed into a motion control system that includes numerous digital and analog I/O points while maintaining a high performance/price ratio.

The 6 axes slave module (A664), which is optimized for the control of 5 axes machine tools with gantry axis, follows the same philosophy but providing more resources.





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