ESG16 EtherCAT Strain Gauge Module

Race-hardened performance from Cosworth

Cosworth's EtherCAT-enabled strain gauge input modules were developed to satisfy the demanding requirements of Formula One® aerodynamic testing and are ideally suited to all applications where performance, flexibility and resilience are paramount.


The ESG16 module offers up to 16 simultaneous-sampling differential and ratiometric strain gauge inputs with common excitation and sense lines in a rugged, IP67 anodized aluminium housing. Input resolution is 24bits, with outstanding accuracy (+/-0.03%FS) and repeatability. Sampling rates go up to 2kHz and the module can operate from a wide range of supply voltages (8 to 32VDC). Alternatively the module can be configured to provide up to 8 strain gauge inputs with individual excitation and sense lines.

In 16 input configuration four PT100 inputs are available (16bit resolution) for cell temperature monitoring.

Input sensitivities can be set per individual input, to five ranges spanning +/-0.24mV/V to +/-3.89mV/V. High input sensitivity allows the use of high-stiffness balances and load cells for high quality measurements.

Connection to inputs is via two hight-density, military-grade microD connectors, whilst both the power and EtherCAT ports use industry standard M8 connectors.

Compliance with the EtherCAT standard allows integration with most major data acquisition systems, including Cosworth's own Diablo SCADA software.

Key Specifications

  • Simultanoeus sampling
  • Input sensitivities: five ranges from +/-0.24mV/V to +/-3.89mV/V
  • Input impedance: > 1GOhm
  • Accuracy: +/-0.03% FS @ 25degC
  • Repeatability: +/-0.06% over one year and typical temperatures range
  • Data rates: configurable 1Hz to 2kHz
  • Filtering: single pole analogue plus sync4 digital filter
  • Sensor excitation outputs: up to 8, 5VDC / chopped
  • Size excluding connectors: 126 x 60 x 22mm
  • Weight: 195g
  • Operating temperature: -25 to +60degC
  • Environmental protection: IP67
  • Part Number 01M-606060


ESG16 EtherCAT Strain Gauge Module


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