KPA EtherCAT Studio Configuration and Diagnosis Tool

KPA EtherCAT Studio is a tool for EtherCAT network engineering, installation and diagnostics.

Operating Systems

  • Vista, Windows XP, - 7, XP Embedded


  • Slaves connected to remote Master or local master
  • Change all data of master and slaves (Object dictionary, Process Image, Registers, Firmware)
  • Switching of languages (Chinese, English by default)

Master Configuration

  • Project file handling and comparing
  • Create topology via bus scan, read from file or drag and drop
  • Comparison between configured and real network
  • Process Image with scaling
  • Slave to Slave Editor
  • Handling for FSoE Master and Slaves
  • Various Sample Rates
  • Distributed Clocks (DC) settings
  • Import signal names from CoDeSys
  • Export network configuration files
    • ETG.2100 with KPA extensions, ETG.2100
    • IEC 61131-3 Standard, Export of “C” header files

Slave Configuration

  • ESI file manager
  • ESI-SII comparator
  • EEPROM – Editor (offline, online)
  • Excel Import
  • Adding and changing of Init Commands
  • Transparent handling of MDP (Modular Device Profile) Slaves like CAN-and Profibus-Master Gateways
  • Programming of Station Alias Addresses


  • Data- and Frame –Logger
  • Diagnostic Scanner
  • Categorized Messages
  • Causes & Remedies
  • Connection Quality

Integration / Customization

  • Remote Control via .net Remoting and COM
  • Customspezific Plug Ins 
  • Customization of functions (Expert, Trial, Normal mode)
  • Brand Labeling 
  • Localization


KPA EtherCAT Studio Configuration and Diagnosis Tool



koenig-pa GmbH

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