MAXPOS 50/5 Positioning Controller

Thanks to the latest FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) technology, highest control cycle rates can be achieved with minimally short cycle times at the same time for brushed DC and brushless EC (BLDC) motors up to 250 Watt. Sophisticated motion control tasks with a current controller clock speed of 100 kHz and an effective communication cycle time of 100 μs can be achieved with a suitable EtherCAT master for trajectory planning. This unveils unprecedented possibilities as far as presicion, dynamics and synchronization are concerned.

  • Suitable for brushed DC and brushless EC motors (BLDC) up to 250 Watt
  • 100 kHz PI-current controller sampling rate
  • 100 μs effective bus cycle time in Cyclic Synchronous Modes
  • CoE (CAN Application Layer over EtherCAT) according to CANopen Standard CiA-402 Device Profile Drives and Motion Control 
  •  FoE (File Transfer over EtherCAT)
  • Distributed Clocks Support
  • Variable PDO Mapping
  • Easy integration into a Beckhoff-TwinCAT, device description file (ESI file) and device-specific configuration guide 
  • Various modes of operation: 
    • Cyclic Synchronous Position (CSP), Velocity (CSV) and Torque (CST) 
    • Profile Position Mode (PPM) 
    • Profile Velocity Mode (PVM) 
    • Homing Mode
  • Position and Speed Control with Feed Forward 
  • Position Marker and Compare 
  • Control of Holding Brakes
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) functionality
  • «MAXPOS Studio» user interface for parameterization, firmware download, automatic regulation tuning, I/O configuration, data recording and diagnostics
  • USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 serial communication for commissioning 
  • Digital Inputs: 6 galvanically isolated
  • Digital Outputs: 4 galvanically isolated
  • Wide range of sensors: Hall sensors, digital incremental encoder, analog incremental encoder (sin/cos), SSI absolute encoder, EnDat 2.2 absolute encoder, BiSS C absolute encoder
  • Power supply voltage 10…50 VDC 
  •  Output current 5 A continous, 15 A maximum
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 140 x 103.5 x 27 mm


MAXPOS 50/5 Positioning Controller



maxon motor AG

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