Bus controller CPC12

The REX12D intelligent DC 24 V power distribution and protection system offers, together with the CPC12 bus controller, the ideal solution for machine construction and process control. Status information, the present load current, the load voltage as well as the parameters of the circuit protectors are transmitted to the superordinate control units via the CPC12 bus controller Transparency of the entire DC 24 V power distribution is achieved. This allows a quick overview of the current utilization of the system, indicates undesirable developments, allows early intervention and increases machine uptime. All data can be seen on the connected visualization tools or via the web server. In addition, the REX intelligent circuit protectors can be remotely controlled. Switch on and off and reset of the circuit protectors is possible. This enables quick reset in the event of a failure and reduces downtimes. Similarly, the trip reason of the circuit protectors is determined and forwarded to the superordinate control unit. Information, whether the trip reason was a short circuit or an overcurrent event, allows targeted troubleshooting and reduces downtimes. The CPC12 bus controller is the brain of the REX12D intelligent DC 24 V power distribution and protection systems. Its compact design reduces space requirement in the control cabinet and allows planning in restricted spaces. The innovative connection technology allows side-by-side mounting of the circuit protectors and the power distribution without further accessories. The circuit protectors are available as single and double channel versions. The system can therefore individually be adjusted to the system planner’s requirements. Convenient side-by-side mounting and closing the connector arm make system extension easy and possible at all times and simplify handling.




Bus controller CPC12


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