esiMot XL - Decentralised Servo Drives

esiMot XL decentralised servo-drives from esitron-electronic feature valuable advantages compared to standard solutions. The all-in-one design requires only external logic- and motor- power supply and EtherCAT connection. Up to 1kW nominal power facilitate a wide range of applications.

The starter-kit „ServoLink“ ensures user-friendly parameterisation and commissioning. Intelligent functions like the online-diagnostics, oscilloscope with variable trigger functions and on-the-fly regulator adjustment speed-up initiation.


  • CoE
  • Supply voltage 230V AC
  • Separate logic supply 24VDC
  • Positioning, speed-regulator mode, modulo positioning 
  • Galvanically insulated fieldbus interface 
  • 8 Digital inputs assignable to internal functions or use as an remote input via EtherCAT
  • 2 Digital outputs assignable to internal functions or us as an remote output via EtherCAT
  • Direct status and diagnostics function through LEDs
  • Holding brake (Optional) with brake management
  • Absolute encoder (geared type, no battery) (Optional)
  • ATEX 95 group II, zone 22, category 3D and group II, zone 2, category 3G (Optional) 
  • Gearboxes


esiMot XL - Decentralised Servo Drives



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