GX-JC03/JC06 EtherCAT Junction Slave

Realizing flexible wiring solutions

EtherCAT junction slave for open network realize super high speed machine control.

Daisy chaining, star wiring and tree connections can be made in one network.

Efficiency in assembling and wirings will be improved, shortening the time required to start the system operation.


  • Realizing flexible wiring by daisy chain and branch
  • Compact size as the industry's smallest (As of August 2011 According to our own research.)
    Compact size as width 25 mm (3-port type) realizing space saving on the board
  • Power supply voltage operable for long distance wiring
    Operable with 24 VDC. The range of power-supply voltage is from maximum 28.8 VDC to minimum 20.4 VDC in consideration of a power voltage drop by long distance wiring.




GX-JC03/JC06 EtherCAT Junction Slave



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