The PLC which realizes IoE (Internet of Everything)

In order to deal with IoE, PLC is required performance that "connecting to massive data". New high-speed platform with "two brains" achieves high-speed processing and high-level big data processing.

1. The first brain = TOYOPUC-Nano CPU, high speed and high capacity PLC.
- Basic command processing speed 0.96 ns per command.
- Large capacity memory of 540K words.
- Connect with abundant Ethernet networks (Ethernet, EtherCAT, others) simply by switching parameters without unit replacement.
2. The second brain = TOYOPUC-AAA
- Automatically collect, accumulate, and analyze the big data from PLC, CNC and various sensors.
- Realizes control of future error / failure occurrence possibility.

Smart programming which shortens design time
1. Structured Text program: Calculation formula can be written as it is.
2. SFC (Sequential function chart): Visible operation.
3. Ladder design with a tag: Needless address administration.
Structured programming supports the standardization and reuse of programs.






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