Connecting incompatible networks

In the field of automatic control many different Fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet became established worldwide. Again and again the task of interconnecting these incompatible networks comes up. The UNIGATE CX-series was created exactly for that task. The series contains Fieldbus-Slave as well as Industrial Ethernet versions.The UNIGATE CX is designed as DIN-rail module and contains the selected Fieldbuses or Ethernet in the mechanical variant carried out in the respective standard. Internally the product is realized by using two UNIGATE CL-modules that are mounted on a carrier motherboard. By this modular structure all Fieldbus- and Ethernet-versions can be supplied, provided that the respective CL-modules are available. The number of available versions is growing steadily by the continuous development of new CL-modules e. g. in the Industrial Ethernet field.

In case of the series UNIGATE CL, the data exchange between the Fieldbuses or Ethernet is realized through a Script. With the free PC-tool "Protocol Developer" this Script is generated and optimally adjusted to the final product and the requirements.

The Protocol Developer offers the opportunity to generate a protocol for the connection of the different networks with simple understandable commands in no time. It supports a great number of functions in order to bring the data that is to be received or sent into the correct "form". Mathematical or memory processing commands are known as from other programming languages and they are implemented in an understandable way for the layman. As a result, the different data structure and data length of the various Fieldbuses and Ethernet can be adapted very easily.

The chief attraction of this environment is, that the Protocol Developer contains a Debug-window, so that in case of connected Debug-hardware a real debugging, which is real operation, is possible. Here the usual functions, such as single step, operation and stop on a breakpoint are available. We attach great importance to data protection, for that special recognition routines can be activated on request.




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