Servo Amplifier SD3

With the servo amplifier SD3 SIEB & MEYER offers a solution for complex drive tasks as high-dynamic positioning applications or servo-driven fastening and press technology. Some application fields, however, are subject to strict regulations with respect to the fieldbus system. These are among others the machine tool or the automotive industry. The EtherCAT-master interface, integrated in the powerful platform of SD3, allows controlling external sensors, actuators or digital inputs and outputs – in addition to the regular control, drive and visualization tasks. This allows realizing complex decentralized drive solutions, which would otherwise only be possible with an additional PLC. This way hardware costs are reduced and the application programming is limited to one system.

Servo amplifiers are often used to realize manufacturing processes with know how focused on the positioning profile and the evaluation of process values. With the servo amplifier SD3 SIEB & MEYER offers its customers an individual solution inclusive a protected application area. The delivered functional blocks enable the customer to concentrate on his core competence while the process-relevant application programming allows differentiation from competitors. The task sharing in the development process supports faster time-to-market. SD3 is equipped with an open operating system, thus allowing simultaneous execution of other features and programs provided by the customer – user-interface, statistics, camera integration, communication and data storage. A USB-controlled operator panel enables the user to create an easy to understand user interface. Last but not least, SD3 provides a future-proof platform due to its integrated OPC-UA server allowing support of Industry 4.0 and IIoT applications even today.


Servo Amplifier SD3




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