The device ibaECAT-SCO offers you the ability to take speed measurements for EtherCAT based automation systems as external measuring unit. It is designed to be used for applications which require high precision at both low and high speeds. Additionally our measurement algorithm offers the possibility to measure very low movements right down to a full stand-still.

Integrated counter module with high precision.
The integrated counter module can connect up to 4 incremental encoders with differential inputs. The counter module provides 4 channels, which can be separately configured. The measuring mode can be chosen between direct mode with gate input or quadrature mode with 1-, 2- or 4-times evaluation. The measuring interval can be adjusted from 250 µs to 32 ms in steps of 250 µs. Through a combination of time measurements and pulse counting, iba can guarantee high accuracy over a wide range of frequencies.
Easy Configuration.
All parameters can be set up easily via EtherCAT. Due to the configuration options, the device supports a wide range of incremental encoders. ibaECAT-SCO can be integrated into the EtherCAT line at any position. The incremental encoders are connected to the device via a 37-pole D-Sub-connector.
Intelligent measuring algorithm.
The measuring algorithm calculates for each channel eight 32-Bit values from the input signals, which are sent to the control system via EtherCAT:

  • Time measuring (UINT32, 25 ns resolution)
  • Pulse counter (UINT32)
  • Direction (UINT32)
  • Status (UINT32)
  • Quotient of time measuring/pulse counter (FLOAT32, signed)
  • Quotient of pulse counter/time measuring (FLOAT32, signed)
  • Frequency (FLOAT32, signed)
  • Up/down counter (UINT32)

When the speed is very low, the adaptive measuring algorithm adapts automatically the length of the measuring interval. Hence, very low speeds can be measured.





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