Sirius amplifiers utilize dual core ADC technology offering 2x24 bit vertical resolution for 160 dB dynamic range. Wide range of amplifiers for any kind of signal include:


  • software selectable internal bridge completion: full, half, quarter
  • fully programable sensor excitation: 0 .. 20 V, 0 .. 20 mA
  • voltage mode: +- 50 V to +- 100 mV input range, differential and single ended


  • IEPE/ICP sensor: 4 or 8 mA
  • voltage mode: +- 10 V, +- 500 mV input range


  • 1000 V CAT II safety isolation
  • voltage input range: +- 1000 V, +- 50 V


  • voltage input range: +- 200 V to +- 100 mV
  • fully programmable sensor excitation: 2 … 30 V unipolar, 0 … 24 V bipolar (up to 2 W per channel)


  • charge input: 100.000 pC, 10.000 pC
  • IEPE/ICP sensors: 4 or 8 mA
  • voltage mode: +- 10 V, +- 500 mV


  • all modules can include one counter channel per analog input
  • 102.4 MHz internal time base
  • super-counter technology extracts exact values between counter steps for perfect synchronization with analog inputs


  • all modules available in isolated version with 1000 V isolation (channel to channel and channel to ground)

IP67, shock&vibration proof (100g) version available.

SIRIUS modules have too many features to fit in this presentation and are available in endless form factors - simply visit for further information.


a) Data acquisition: DEWESoft EtherCAT DAQ profile – self-developed profile includes data buffer on each device to ensure synchronization, equidistant sampling (key requirements for frequency analysis) and no data loss (key requirement for expensive testing). Plug-and-play functionality, endless display and analysis options
b) Control: compatible with any EtherCAT master.
c) Options a) and b) running in parallel for control and measurement /monitoring at the same type.





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