TPD-M – Triple Power Drive

TPD-M is one of the first servo drives worldwide integrating three servo power stages in a single housing. In addition to reduced purchasing and operating costs, the user profits from a variety of new installation possibilities and enhanced flexibility.

The TPD-M servo drive was especially designed for OEM packaging machinery construction; it can however also be advantageously used in other centralized automation structures incorporating a large number servo drives. Service and support sites are located in the vicinity of all major industry locations – worldwide. Well-trained and experienced application and support personnel provides professional assistance in any situation.

Common Product Features

  • Feedback supported: Resolver; SinCos + EnDat; SinCos + Hiperface; SinCos (1 per pole pitch); Quadrature; Quadrature + Hall; SinCos + Hall
  • Auxiliary Encoder: 1 in input & 1 in output for each axis
  • I/O: 4 digital Input, 2 digital output, 1 analog input and 1 analog output for each axis
  • Communication Interface: USB port
  • Certification: UL/CSA
  • Operating Modes: torque, speed, position, electronic gear, cam & CanOpen DSP402
  • Programming: PicoPLC
  • Option: gateway (Profibus, Devicenet), I/O box, EtherCAT, advanced safety torque off, front panel customization
  • Configurator: MotionWiz with Oscilloscope function, real time and debugging features
  • Local configuration: 3 multi purpose LED, 5 digits display and 3 push buttons keypad
  • Mounting: wall mounting, feed-through, cold plate (option)
  • Removable SD card (software upgrade, parameters and applicative memorization)
  • Safety Technology (SS1, SS2, SLS, SLPR, SOS, SLI, SDI, SLPA)


TPD-M – Triple Power Drive


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