CoolDrive A8

CoolDrive A8 servo drive is one of the new products which launched by Tsino Dynatron Company. It can be used widely in key industries, such as textile machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, plastic machinery, robots, as well as CNC.

CoolDrive A8's characteristics:

  1. Common DC Bus Technology
    Flexible structure expansion and simple wiring
    For motion control of each axis, both motion
    Available power sharing between motor driver modules
  2. Energy Efficiency Management Technology
    Enabling control panel, main circuit, display, communication, fan, etc. enter a sleeping mode in case of equipment being in standby state, fault shutdown and motion clearance.
    The braking energy of motor can feed back to power grid
    Compared with traditional servo drivers, CoolDrive A8 can reduce energy consumption by about 30%, thus saving use-cost effectively
  3. Electronic Nameplate Technology
    Upper computer can automatically identify the type, model and parameter of driver accessed.
    The driver can read the parameters stored in the motor.
    Be beneficial to efficient and accurate system maintenance without inputting data manually.
  4. EtherCAT Communication Technology
    EtherCAT technology overcomes system restriction of traditional Ethernet solutions and features extremely high transmission rate and accuracy
  5. Functional safety technology
    CoolDrive A8 integrates the following four kinds of functional safety technology:
    Safety Torque Off (STO),Safety Stop 1 (SS1),Safety Stop 2 (SS2) and Safety Brake Control (SBC)
  6. Multi-axis Synchronization Control Technology
    The upper motion controller can acquire information on internal status of all axes of CoolDrive A8 driver in real time, and also can adjust control variable of all axes in real time based on control command
    For motion control of each axis, both motion state itself and that of other axes can be referenced, so that accuracy of multi-axis motion synchronization control is improved significantly




CoolDrive A8


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