EtherCAT® Dual/Quad Axis Drive Module

  • Universal single and dual axis EtherCAT Drive Modules
  • 12Vdc to 48Vdc, up to 2.5A continuous and 5A peak current
  • Digital control for easy setup and diagnostics
  • Supports any of the following motor types by software settings only:
    2, 3 phase AC Servo / DC brushless with sinusoidal commutation, DC Brush, voice coils, closed and open loop step motors
  • Feedback
    4 digital incremental encoders
    2 absolute encoders (optional)
  • Digital I/O
    Inputs: 4 Registration Mark
    Outputs: 1 PEG, 2 motor brake (24V, 0.5A)
  • Small enclosure: 121x100x48 mm3
  • SPI interface for special feedback devices
  • Sub-D connectors

The UDMSD is a series of compact EtherCAT modules with dual/quad-axis universal drives for servo, step, and voice coil motors with a continuous power range of 10W to 100W (200W peak). The type of motor is selected by the user and can be set differently for each drive.

The UDMSD addresses the needs of demanding multi-axis motion applications with limited space, such as moving inspection heads, small manipulators, and table-top motion stages. The small size, low weight, and minimal cable interface makes the UDMSD ideal for mounting remotely on moving axes. It is available with currents of 1.25/2.5A and 2.5/5A (cont./peak).

The UDMSD supports four digital incremental and two absolute encoders. It includes a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) to support other feedback devices, such as autofocus signals. The unit is powered by a 12 to 48Vdc drive supply voltage and by a separate 24Vdc ±20% control supply that keeps all logic signals alive during emergency conditions.

All connectors of the motors, the encoders and the I/Os are sub-D type connectors. The UDMSD is panel or din rail mountable. The unit is supplied with the drive and control connectors.




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