IAV-MPEC® (Modular Prototyping Engine Controller) was developed for the flexible operation of combustion engines. You can also use this system for many other real-time applications.

Key Features:

  • modelling and generation of code using MATLAB®/Simulink®/Realtime-Workshop®
  • high performance (industrial PC)
  • modular IO structure (EtherCAT field bus)
  • online calibration using standard tools via XCP (INCA®, CANape®)
  • unlimited application spectrum (prototyping, HiL, test benches, software testing)
  • link to IAV combustion engine controller FI2RE®
  • link to IAV combustion engine indicating system IAV-Indicar®

MATLAB®/ Simulink® and Realtime-Workshop® provides the capability of implementing complex software models as real-time capable system.

The high-performance EtherCAT field bus permits implementation of a decentralized realtime system with user-configurable I/O interfaces. Completely selectable in number and type, they can be used to create a solution tailored to any development project.

The system can be calibrated using any calibration tool supporting XCP (INCA®, CANape®).

In combination with IAV's FI2RE injection and ingnition control unit various degrees of freedom are created for the development of modern engines. The FI2RE provides the capability of actuating all crank-angle synchronous components, in particular for injection and ignition. FI2RE permits any number of injections and a wide range of options for triggering solenoid and piezo injectors as well as ignition modules and ignition coils. Rail pressure pumps, camshaft controllers, throttle valves etc. can also be operated. The flexible angle system can be used for a variety of sensors and signal shapes.