TAP CURIOUS – the perfect tool for monitoring, analysing and fault fixing in EtherCAT and other Real-Time Ethernet networks. Delay, jitter and CRC faults can be recorded and then quickly analysed and corrected or rectified respectively.

The device is integrated within the network to be analysed via its probe ports. TAP CURIOUS operates completely passively. This passivity ensures there is zero delay and the network is in no way influenced by TAP CURIOUS – data communication can be recorded without it being altered in any way. With a time-stamp of 1 ns, TAP CURIOUS has an extremely accurate timing analysis capability. Meaningful features like trigger functions and filters additionally simplify the search for faults in the network. The device operates full duplex which means that both the transmitting and receiving functions can be monitored simultaneously in both directions. The tapped data from the network is furnished with a 20-byte long trailer (including the time-stamp) and relayed via the existent uplink port to a PC or laptop for further analysis. Amongst other things, the freely-available Wireshark software, for which a plugin enabling problem-free connection is supplied, can be used for the analysis of the data.

As a result of its compact and durable plastic housing, the 150-gram device is not only suitable for work in laboratories but also for daily use in the field. TAP CURIOUS comes with a robust plastic case for safe transport.





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