PS60 Power Supply

PS60 is a core member of the control system "C" - developed by kk-electronic. PS60 is a station support module, containing temperature monitoring, control for panel ventilation and heating, fibre optic communication connections, power regulator for associated computer module and application modules, output for ready status indication and inputs for monitoring emergency stop, stop loop status and station output enable.


  • Dual EtherCAT Fibre interface
  • Dual EtherCAT LVDS bus connections to computer and sub-modules
  • Top station or substation mode
  • Panel temperature measurement and control
  • Heating and ventilation control
  • Programmable temperate window for system power up and release
  • Entended temperature range -55 to +85° C (release and temperature control circuit)
  • 24 V, 1 A regulator for safety circuit
  • Internal 3,3 V, 1 A regulator
  • Computer supply 5 V, 3 A
  • Module supply 5 V, 10 A
  • Power supply monitoring
  • Watchdog for sub-modules
  • Emergency stop status input
  • Stop loop status input
  • Station ready output (relay)
  • Output enable control
  • CAN bus
  • Dual 48 VDC power input


PS60 Power Supply



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