The embedded PC is a fanless and very compact PC-system that opens up many possible applications due to numerous interfaces and a comprehensive software range that comes along with the device. It can serve as a Master for EtherCAT and CAN-bus control. Moreover, it might be deployed as a PLC with integrated IOs or a remote access unit with an Ethernet / EtherCAT interface.

The ePC’s chipsets of the Atom family are known for a high energy efficiency and little heat waste. It has 512 MB to 2 GB RAM onboard for small to complex operations. Instead of a usual HDD the ePC uses CFast which is the faster successor of Compact Flash – the system can also be booted over this interface. The advantage is a data transfer speed of up to 3 GBit/sec. A full metal housing together with the specific memory and CPU provides optimal EMV-capabilities and passive cooling event at high temperatures. The ePC incorporates many interfaces for a maximum of flexibility. There are CAN, Ethernet (EtherCAT-capable), digital inputs and outputs, DVI and USB available.

Chipset Different ATOM chipsets like 1.3 GHz / 1 GB RAM
CPU-boards can be changed, system can be upgraded 
RAM 512 MB to 2 GB
HDD Slot for CFast-card or Link2Go-module, bootable
Interfaces 2x Gigabit LAN (EtherCAT-capable)
1x CAN according to DIN ISO 11898, galvanically isolated
4x digital inputs according to IEC 61131-2, separate supply
4x digital outputs according to IEC 61131-2, separate supply
1x DVI
4x USB 2.0
Connecting external periphery components Mouse, keyboard and other components via USB 2.0
Visualization via DVI or Link2Go module
Graphics Integrated Intel® Graphics Intel® GMA 500,
resolution up to 1.366 x 768
LEDs Power, HDD and CAN
Power supply 24V DC
Current consumption Max. 1,2 A
Cooling Passive cooling via heat sink, no rotating parts
Housing Extruded aluminum sheath and metal plate components for withstanding EMV and quickly discharging heat
TS35 din rail mounting
IP-class IP20
Temperature range 0 to 60°C, extended temperature range with -40 to +85°C upon inquiry
Humidity 5 to 95%, not condensing
Dimensions 120 x 115 x 111 mm
Optional Components W-LAN
Separate process data memory (retain-memory)
Extended temperature range, -40 to +85°C




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