TrioDrive D/ES and MidiDrive D/ES Servo Drives

Characteristics of the servo drives:

  • Compact design
  • For direct connection to 230 V~ or 3x400/480 V mains (wide-range inputs)
  • Integrated safety system (category 1-4), wear-free, two-channel
  • High dynamics and control quality due to two-processor digital control of current, speed and position
  • Setting of demand values via EtherCAT interface (standard) or positioning control with 500 blocks (option)
  • Extensive technology functions
  • Communication via EtherCAT or RS 232C serial interface according to CANopen DS 402
  • Integration of drive commissioning software with TwinCAT or other engineering software
  • Comfortable commissioning and programming via PC (EtherCAT or RS 232C)
  • Function blocks available for easy integration in automation systems
  • Mains filter and shunt circuit integrated
  • Easy wiring with plug-in connectors
  • Favorable price

Characteristics of the servo motors:

  • Maintenance-free, since brushless
  • High dynamics
  • Wide speed control range
  • IP 65 protection
  • High power-density due to rotor with rare earth permanent magnets
  • Integrated resolver for sinusoidal commutation, optionally optical position sensors (incremental or absolute, single- or multi-turn) for highest dynamics and accuracy
  • Special motors available, e.g. short motors, hollow-shaft motors, torque motors, or linear motors (direct drives)


TrioDrive D/ES and MidiDrive D/ES Servo Drives


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