IOLITE - DAQ and Control

Data acquisition and real-time control front-end system for industrial applications. All-in-one solution for real-time control and feedback monitoring.

Redundant EtherCAT Bus Systems: Each IOLITE data acquisition system is eqquiped with two fully independent EtherCAT bus systems that work in parallel.

The primary bus is used for perfectly timed and synchronized data acquisition via Dewesoft X data acquisition software. The IOLITE connects via any EtherCAT RJ45 cable to the PC running Dewesoft X DAQ software and streams any number of input and output channels in high-speed tot he PC's the hard drive.

IOLITE's secondary EtherCAT bus can be used in two ways: A) Low latency front-end interface for any 3rd party EtherCAT compatible real-time controllers, and B) Redundant data acquisition system bus for critical DAQ applications.


IOLITE - DAQ and Control



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