HV Breakout Module Type 3.1

The CSM HV Breakout Module Type 3.1 has been specifically designed for three-phase measurement applications on a cable carryhing high voltage. It measures directly voltages up to 1.000 V and currents up to 32 A. Power is calculated online with 500 kHz dara rate calculation. Three-phase measurement with only one single measurement device offers enormous cost and space savings.

The HV Breakout Module Type 3.1 is to be inserted into the HV power line: On one hand the cables are connected inside the module and on the other hand they are linked by adapters to the power circuit. This guarantees safety, because other HV measurement cables are not needed. In addition it is possible to insert the module easy and reusable by plug-and-play mounting.

The voltage is measured directly. Current measurement is performed by a shunt module that includes a differential amplifier, a temperature sensor and a memory chip for calibration data for automatic online temperature compensation. The output of the measurement data can be done with a maximum data rate of up to 500 kHz via the EtherCAT interface. An additional output via the CAN interface is also possible.


  • Three-phase measurement of voltage (up to 1.000 V) and current (up to 32 A) in HV applications
  • Online power calculation with 500 kHz data rate calculation, 100% synchronous
  • Output of voltage, current and power with up to 500 kHz measurement data rate
  • Simultaneous EtherCAT and CAN bus communication


HV Breakout Module Type 3.1


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