FP7 PLC – Modular high-performance PLC

  • Compact size with room for expansion functions
  • Equipped with a cassette interface.
  • Add-on cassettes can be added to the CPU to increase functionality without increasing the footprint of the system.
  • Built-in Ethernet port with protocols MEWTOCOL-COM (client/server) or Ethernet/IP. Up to 272 connections can be active simultaneously.
  • Functions available: SMTP, FTP client/server, HTTP client, e-mails; integrated web server
  • Up to 64 different units can be connected to a single CPU.
  • High-capacity SD (SDHC) memory cards of up to 32GB are supported.
  • High performance (min. scan time 1ms, max. 20μs for 60k steps); the processing speed is less affected by frequent Ethernet communication.





Panasonic Corporation

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