EtherCAT Configurator

The Device Manager includes its own EtherCAT configurator that creates a complete network configuration (ENI – EtherCAT Network Information) from the standardized slave description files (ESI – EtherCAT Slave Information). For access to the process data, in addition, logical I/O modules are generated on the master that enable an immediate diagnosis and signal test in the Device Manager.

A configuration project will be automatically stored on the controller, so that even without manual transmission of project files, opening, testing, and changing the existing confguration is possible in the service PC.

  • Managing the slaves in the catalog
  • Online and offline creation of network configurations
  • Bus scan of the online controller for fast creation of a configuration
  • Object browser for convenient PDO configuration
  • Automatic generation of logical I/O modules for access to cyclic process data
  • Immediate wiring test without user software is possible
  • Monitor for SDO read and write access for the running network
  • Browser for object directory of the slave (if supported by the slave)


EtherCAT Configurator


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