PSD Parker Servo Drive

Parker Hannifin has introduced its PSD series of servo drives designed for use in central control applications. Due to its high degree of flexibility, the new system can be used in a wide range of applications including highly dynamic packing and production machinery.

A multi-axes version with central mains module is available for systems requiring several servo axes. One-, two- or three-axes modules can be connected to it. Power supply-modules and axis modules are linked via the shared DC-Bus allowing to increase the energy efficiency of the system.

Furthermore the compact design of the PSD series reduces space required in the control cabinet to a minimum. For smaller systems, e.g. labeling machines, Parker also offers a single-axis stand-alone version with the same functions in the lower output range and which does not distinguish from the multi-axes version in its functions.

Accident prevention is one of key demands of the European Machinery Directive and with its PAC320 motion controller used in combination with the new PSD drives, Parker offers a complete integrated safety system. Based on the FailSafe over EtherCAT (FSoE) protocol, safety technology is central to the design of the new drives. No additional wiring is necessary as Parker utilises the integrated EtherCAT communication capabilities.

The Parker System concept is based on following components:

  • Parker Servomotors SMH family with DSL safety feedback
  • Parker Servo Drive PSD with Functional Safety option
  • Parker Motion Controller PAC 320, SafePLC and SafeI/O

The Safety option board offers following safety functions:

  • STO (Safe Torque Off)
  • SS1/SS2 (Safe Stop 1/2)
  • SOS (Safe Operating Stop)
  • SLS (Safe Limited Speed)
  • SDI (Safe Direction)
  • SLI (Safe Limited Increments)
  • SLP (Safe Limited Position)
  • SMS (Safe Maximum Speed)
  • SSM (Safe Speed Monitor)
  • SCA (Safe Cam)
  • SBC (Safe Brake Control)


PSD Parker Servo Drive


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