3M™ Industrial Ethernet cable assembly 4pos 3RH□4-1110-xxxM

It releases Ethernet cable assembly for the industry that is most suitable for EtherCAT.


  • In spite of a flexible cable, It can transmit up to 100m.
    It can reduce bend radius at the time of the wiring and give flexibility to the wiring.
    A reaction force when we bent a cable is small.It reduces the load of a connector and the cable and realize high connection reliability.
  • The combination of small connector and flexible cable contributes to flexibility of the wiring.
    29mm in total length is minimum size for RJ45 connector for the industry.
    It can avoid interfering with the panel doors of control box and can do compactly in wiring space.
  • Robust structured latch,double-shielded cable that has tolerance for a noise.
    Latch of robust design helps reduce the likelihood of the latch breaking during multiple insertion and withdrawal cycles.
    Double-shield cable for the industry has oiliness-resistant and heat-resistant by using a superior vinyl mixture to outside materials.

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3M™ Industrial Ethernet cable assembly 4pos 3RH□4-1110-xxxM


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