SMC3 Stepper Motor Controller

Stepper motors are ideal for cost-effective implementation of positioning functions. With the positioning mode of the SMC3 stepper motor controller, such functions can now be quickly and easily integrated into EtherCAT networks - without high programming effort.

In positioning mode the controller (PLC/CNC) just has to set a target position. This position is then approached with programmable velocity and acceleration values autonomously by the SMC3.

In addition to the positioning mode the SMC3 supports cyclic velocity and position set vlaues. All modes can be used with connected (closed-loop) or without connected incremental encoder (open-loop).

The onboard I/Os (4 digital ouputs, 4 digital inputs and an encoder interface) allow the realization of a complete positioning axis with enable and status signals as well as inputs for limit and homing switches. The stepper motor interface is designed for 2-phase motors with up to 256 microsteps at max. 6A current per phase and 48VDC supply.


SMC3 Stepper Motor Controller



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